The works shown represent a journey from “things seen”, to “things felt”. They range from early student pencil studies, (Standing Girl, image No. 13) to the latest portrait (Mariah with Mercedes, image No. 7), which was completed in 2005. The abstracts are at the extreme edge of expression of “things felt”, as in the group “Image and Movement”. “Light”, this latest image of 2005, is a combination being both vision and feeling.

Words from Chamberlain Fine Art…

“Elena Gaussen’s work has moved further towards a close coupling of colours, which creates a flatness of tone quality and a haunting glow. In her landscapes the sense of distance and scale is very finely balanced and enigmatic, (Chiswick House, image No. 2). Another dimension of space seems to be engendered when that fine line between figurative and abstract is grasped in this way. (Coffee Break, image No. 6)”

RA, ROI and NEAC Exhibitor, her portraits include Lord Tonypandy, Lord Roll, Yvonne Corman “Annette” and Helene Hanff, author of 84 Charing Cross Road.
Chamberlain Fine Art